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About Buz

Then: Buz first came into being on February 16th 1986. It was founded by a guy called Jasper who loved surfing and designing.

It began in the South West as a surf fashion brand and grew over ten years mainly by word of mouth. Buz became a respected surf and street fashion label with outlets both here in the UK and abroad. Buz clothing was seen on 80's and 90's celebrities including Nirvana, Jesus Jones and Andrew Ridgely, and on TV's 'The Clothes Show'. Buz also appeared in an exhibition titled 'Street Fashion of the 20th Century' at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

Sadly, Jasper passed away unexpectedly and the Buz brand nearly died with him....

Until that is, we found out about it and decided it was about time Buz was brought back.

Now: The new Buz team are an active bunch, we love the great outdoors and want to help and inspire others to experience our passion. Between us we surf, canoe, sail, snorkel, ski, climb, abseil, walk, run, ride horses and play golf. Some of us are quite good, some of us are very bad but that doesn't matter because we have fun trying.

Most of this takes place in the South West, which has a unique culture that you just have to experience, it is our home and we're proud to be part of it.

We work with and support various local charities, organisations and individuals who share our passion and beliefs.

Unique-ness is something we've also applied to our clothing range. We don't like seeing people everywhere in the same clothes as us so we're pretty sure you feel the same way. That's why we've decided to only sell online and at specific events. We also design every item ourselves, from scratch, so we can guarantee you won't see the same t-shirt on the high street.

Our products are a direct result of our passion, therefore we insist on only the highest quality clothing and accessories, so we're confident they can take whatever life throws at them (usually sun, sand, water and mud in our case).

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